HD SDI Hybrid DVR Video Recorder 4ch 8ch 16ch 32ch 64ch 128ch NVR Storage

HD SDI Hybrid DVR Video Recorder 4ch 8ch 16ch 32ch 64ch 128ch NVR Storage

HD SDI | Hybrid DVR | Video Recorder | 4ch 8ch 16ch 32ch 64ch 128ch NVR Storage

HD-SDI Security Cameras | HD CCTV Cameras

HD-SDI security cameras, also known as High-definition Serial Digital Interface (HDSDI).

The first HD Analog format introduced to the video security market. HDSDI solutions are capable of transmitting 720p or 1080p resolution video over standard coaxial cable.

HD SDI cameras, are capable of capturing video surveillance footage at 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

These high definition surveillance cameras must be used with an HD-SDI surveillance DVR.

If you are unfamiliar with the difference between HD-SDI and traditional CCTV camera resolution, we highly recommend that you take a look at the comparison HD and SD images.

If you would like to use a combination of HD and SD cameras, CCTV Camera Pros offers hybrid DVRs that can accommodate both types of cameras on a single system.

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We also offer complete HD security camera systems here that include a 1080p cameras, DVR, cables, connectors, and power supplies.

These new systems are based on the latest AHD CCTV technology. You can also find 1080p AHD security cameras here.

CaseTrust CCTV Store – Choice HD SDI cameras and Recorders.ChoiceCycle is offering wide range of reliable, affordable CCTV System Singapore, HD SDI 

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The company that started small in 2003 has grown to be a leader in the field in the whole of Singapore. Appreciating their impeccable commitment towards their clients,

Certis Cisco appointed Choicecycle as the distributors of their security equipment in year 2010.

Now, ChoiceCycle has expanded its operations and services to Indonesia Jakarta and Malaysia and are on the right track to become a regional leader also.

HD SDI | Hybrid DVR | Video Recorder | 4ch 8ch 16ch 32ch 64ch 128ch NVR Storage

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