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Contactless Hand Wave Sensor Singapore

Certis Cisco Contactless Hand Wave Sensor or Hand Sensor is a “contactless” device which can detect without touching or push.

Contactless Hand Wave Sensor are mostly use at Door Access, Medical Hospital, Food & Beverage to avoid possible spread of virus from one person to another.

Due to the affordability, it is also use at toilet for auto sensing opening of door without touching and push.

The Contactless Hand Wave Sensor usually produces a beep or other sound to indicate the hand has been detected. Typically have a read range up to 50 cm (< 15 inches) which is the main difference with contactless smartcard with 2 to 10 cm (1 to 3 inches)

Technical Specifications

Model R-80
Request to Exit Indication Colour changes from Blue to Green (Audible “Beep”)
Request to Exit Output Dry Contact 1 second (NC/NO selectable)
RTE Output (Dry Contact) NC/NO jump selectable
Door Held Open Indication Icon Icon will change to blue and beep every 5 seconds
Door Held Open High/Low Level Input Jumper High / Low level input jumper selectable
Buzzer Jumper enable
Fire Alarm Indicator 125Khz
Dimension (mm) 88 (I) x 80 (w)
Typical Read Range – 3cm
Electric Lock Bypass Relay 30 VDC; 1A (Max.)
Operating Voltage 10 – 15 VDC
Operating Current 120mA (Max.)
Operating Tempature -30°C – 70t
Case Material PC + ABS
Operating Humidity 10% – 90%

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Contactless Hand Wave Sensor , Choicecycle CCTV Pte Ltd.

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Contactless Hand Wave Sensor Singapore R80 BACK Top

Contactless Hand Wave Sensor Singapore R80 BACK Top

Contactless Hand Wave Sensor Singapore R80 BACK connect

Contactless Hand Wave Sensor Singapore R80 BACK connect