Jobs in Singapore 新加坡工作询问

Jobs in Singapore Desperate Hungry Respect Gratefulness Teamwork Dare to Fail

Jobs in Singapore 新加坡工作询问

💢SINGAPOREAN / PR /  DP / Students

📢 CALLING Junior Technician & Junior Sales
👉 Can start work immediately
👉 Full time / Part time
👉 Location: Sim Lim Square
👉 5 days / 6 days work. Weekend and PH rotation.
👉 Air Conditional working environment
💰 Profit Sharing (experience in Sales & IT knowledge).

Job scope:
– Assist Sales Manager, serve Client call in & walk in.

Job requirement-
– No experience needed, keen to Learn, Smile and Sunshine outlook.
– Hardworking & good attitude
Priority to ITE students, completed IT, Security course.

Please PM to arrange for interview. SMS Whatsapp +65 90254466

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 Why Talent choose to stay with Choicecycle CCTV?

  1. Certis Cisco – A brand that SHE comes to YOU, not YOU go to HER.

  2.  Casetrust – Singapore biggest Consumer Association certified. (First and Only in Sim Lim Square)

  3.  Business Service Excellence – Spring Singapore Awards.

  4. Strong Marketing – S$100K annually invest with Media Corp, Google Adword, Facebook, Storefront….

  5. Member of Singapore Business Federation, SRA, BLAC, BNI Universe….

  6. Regular Training on Safety, Power Teamwork, Speaker Skill, Social Skill, … 

  7.  Career Advancement Path – Keep innovating,  

  8. Strong Synergy – Technical and After Sales Service backup. 

  9. Mainstream Media – Our Talent Staff are always on TV, Newspaper…. 

  10. Regular Communication with the Employer – We understand your Needs and Intend. 

Most effective Application Journey,

1st : Connect with one of our employee.

2nd : Study our website

3rd : Follow our Facebook

4th :  Align your Goal with our

  1. Mission (Protect Love Ones, Save Time and Money, Reduce Operation Cost),
  2. Vision (To be Region’s most preferred, Trusted Brand and Products),
  3. Value (Honesty, Knowledge, Meritocracy, Challenge, Zest),
  4. Principle : Trustworthy, Integrity.
  5. Culture & Values : Power Team, Accountability, Giver Gain, Innovation, Help People with Dream.
  6. GROWTH – Do something that has never been done😇😇 GROWING UP in learn from mistake.

  7. CHANGE – Do something you don’t like to do or refused to do✊✊ CHANGE in positive direction.

  8.  BREAKTHROUGH – What I fear of, dared not to do😰😰 BREAK THROUGH keep trying.

    做从未做的事, 叫成长👍 做不愿做的事, 叫改变👍 做不敢做的事, 叫突破👍

    在学习中成长, 在正向里改变, 在尝试时突破, 给人生一次变好的机会.

    生命, 要用 “智慧驾驭”.
    用从容相随, 用简单诠释. 用自由概括, 用快乐装饰. 用希望照耀, 用成功证明, 用心灵体验.  
    或许凡俗但真实, 或许平庸但挚诚.

5th : Prepare your Content Engagement, Personal & Company Connection, Unique Skill & Execution.

  • Complex Problem Solving – Structure & Strategy. 组成战略解决方案.
  • Critical Thinking – 巧妙构思, 分析综合.
  • Handle & Manage Different Personalities – 处理人性问题.
  • Co-Ordinating with Others, Contact Sphere. 与他人协调, 共同达成目的.
  • Emotional Intelligence, To guide Thinking & Behavior. 掌控了解自己和他人的情绪.
  • Judgement & Decision making – 分辨与果断.
  • Service Orientation – 服务精神, 细心处理.
  • Negotiation – 测试极限, 接受程度.
  • Cognitive Flexibility – 愿意学, 灵活性。
  • Creativity & Innovate – 创造创新.
  • Promise and Assurance to make your Dream comes truth.  保证会全力以赴, 让梦想实现.

6th : Reach Out – Application, Interview and get Hired. (1st week, 1st month, 1st 100 days review)

(Expectation based on Performance, Achievement, Google 5 Star Review, Recognition, close to Customers)

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