SD CARD Genuine Cheapest in Asia

SD CARD Genuine Cheapest in Asia Full Refundable

Are you aware IT Industry, Storage & Memory is a huge market?  

Micro SD Card for IP camera, Car Camera, Drone… 

128GB S$20.00, 64GB S$12.00, 32GB S$7.50 

Made in Korea, Genuine, High Quality Micro SD card Cheapest in Asia (full refundable) 

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U3 V30 SDXC Speed 速度: Reading 70-90MB/S Writing 30-50MB/S 

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CCTV Security System

Our CCTV cameras are specially designed according to buyers requirements. we have all types of CCTV cameras for big & small commercial and residential surveillance which can provide full HD high-quality image.

SD CARD, CCTV Cameras, 4K Full HD Digital Video Recorder, Network Video Recorder

Our HD cameras and video recorder mainly designed to fulfill all types of monitoring and tracking requirement in all season and environment that provide 1.3MP 720P,  2MP 1080P, 5MP 1920P, 8MP 2448P  quality images and video recording service.

Door Access Control System

To improve your home and business security we offer large amounts of door access control system likes fingerprint reader, sensors, biometric machines, card reader, facial recognition readers at the best price in Singapore. Our access control product comes with all the latest features. Know more about access control system contact us.

SD CARD Genuine Cheapest in Asia Full Refundable
SD card Speed Class U3
SD Card Growth Reports
SD Card Market Players

Floppy Disk: 3.5″ – 1.44 MB 5.25″ – 1.2 MB or 720 KB

Zip Disk: 250 MB

Super Disk: 200 MB

Jaz Disk: 2 GB

Compact Disk (CD): 640-800 MB

Digital Versatile Disk (DVD): 4-8 GB

Blu Ray Disk (BD): 25-50 GB

Next Gen BD: 1 TB

Hard Disk Drive (HDD): Up to 12 TB

USB Pen Drive: Upto 128 GB

Flash Drive: Upto 1 TB

Micro SD Card: Up to 512GB

Kilobyte (KB)

1,024 bytes

Megabyte (MB)

1,024 KB

Gigabyte (GB)

1,024 MB

Terabyte (TB)

1,024 GB

Pentabyte (PB)

1,024 TB

Exabyte (EB)

1,024 PB

Zetabyte (ZB)

1,024 EB

Yottabyte (YB)

1,024 ZB