Coaxial BNC Surge Protector Shielded Thunder Lightning Protection

Coaxial BNC Surge Protector Shielded Thunder Lightning Protection

Coaxial BNC Surge Protector Shielded Thunder Lightning Protection

Surge Arrester BNC LAN
Surge Arrester Lighting Protector Power Surge Damaged Burned CCTV Video Protector


Supported Standards: Coaxial BNC Connections Connectors: BNC Male to Female

Note: Must be wired to ground near the protected device A must have if you are using outdoor rated cable Video Surge Protector

Specification: Un=5 Us=8V Isn=5KA Imax=10KA Package Includes: 1 piece BNC Surge Protector

Reliable, affordable LAN SURGE ARRESTOR ISOLATOR and personalized securities cameras that can help people protect their assets.

  • Low-voltage surge arrester: Apply in Low-voltage distribution system, exchange of electrical appliances protector, low-voltage distribution transformer windings

  • Distribution arrester: Apply in 3KV, 6KV, 10KV AC power distribution system to protect distribution transformers, cables and power station equipment

  • The station type of common valve arrester: Used to protect the 3 ~ 220KV transformer station equipment and communication system

  • Magnetic blow valve station arrester: Use to 35 ~ 500KV protect communication systems, transformers and other equipment

  • Protection of rotating machine using magnetic blow valve arrester: Used to protect the AC generator and motor insulation

  • Line Magnetic blow valve arrester: Used to protect 330KV and above communication system circuit equipment insulation

  • DC or blowing valve-type arrester: Use to protect the DC system’s insulation of electrical equipment

  • Neutral protection arrester: Apply in motor or the transformer’s neutral protection

  • Fiber-tube arrester: Apply in the power station’s wires and the weaknesses protection in the insulated

  • Plug-in Signal Arrester: Used to twisted-pair transmission line in order to protect communications and computer systems

  • High-frequency feeder arrester: Used to protect the microwave, mobile base stations satellite receiver, etc.

  • Receptacle-type surge arrester: Use to Protect the terminal Electronic equipment

  • Signal Arrester: Apply in MODEM, DDN line, fax, phone, process control signal circuit etc.

  • Network arrester: Apply in servers, workstations, interfaces etc.

  • Coaxial cable lightning arrester: Used on the coaxial cable to protect the wireless transmission and receiving system.

Coaxial Video Surge Protector BNC Connector


  • BNC male to BNC female, Hi Frequency for both CCTV and CATV use

  • Surge Protection Attack Time: 1 ns

    • Maximum Surge Current:4 KV

    • Surge Life:300 surges of 100Amps

  • Normal Resistance Across Coax: 10,000 MΩ

    • Surge ResistanceApprox: 0Ω

  • BAND PASS: 0~1 GHZ

  • Power Passing Capability 130V AC/DC, 65 Vrms at 10Amps

    • Insertion Loss:Less than 0.2 dB

    • Return Loss (75 ohms):16dB

  • Return Loss (75 ohms): 16dB

    • WEIGHT: 80g


  • Performs a different function than grounding requirements.

  • Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes.

  • Two stage protection: under 1ns-90V, over 10ns-12V.

  • Wide range of applications: CCTV/CATV system, Antenna of Television, FM receivers, video camera, monitors, multiplexers & Quad processor, VCR…etc.

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Coaxial BNC Surge Protector Shielded Thunder Lightning Protection